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Enabled International Shipping Products

What does this mean?

This simply means that this page is for our agents/dropshippers who have interested customers overseas who wants to buy your products and have it delivered to their overseas address. Simply insert the address at the remarks section of your sales order and we will deliver the item to your customer wherever they may be.

So what do we need to do?

Click 'Add to Cart'
as usual

In your sales order form, select the country and fill address

Confirm your

Shipping Rates

As a promotional offer, all international shipping rates are RM11.95 per item.

Shipping Structure

Country Estimated delivery (Working days) Online Tracking Availability Shipping Company
US 7 - 10 Days 2 Days America Line
Canada 7 - 15 Days 2 Days E post
UK 7 - 10 Days 5 Days British priority mail
Australia 5 - 8 Days 2 Days Australia priority mail
New Zealand 10 - 25 Days 1 Days Sweden surface mail
Japan 10 - 25 Days 1 Days Sweden surface mail
Germany 7 - 15 Days 3 Days Germany priority mail
France 7 - 12 Days 5 Days French priority mail
Italy 7 - 12 Days 2 Days Italy priority mail
UAE 10 - 35 Days 5 Days Sweden surface mail
Thailand 7 - 8 Days 2 Days SEA priority mail
Vietnam 7 - 8 Days 2 Days SEA priority mail
Brunei 15 - 35 Days 5 Days Singapore Post
Singapore 7 - 11 Days 2 Days Singapore Post
Indonesia 10 - 21 Days 2 Days CN Air Mail1
Philippines 10 - 21 Days 2 Days CN Air Mail

How About My Tracking Number?

Tracking numbers will be available within 3 days. Please view your agent dashboard to check on tracking number updates.

Available Categories

These are the product categories that are available for immediate international shipping. Click the buttons below to view the category.

Camping Equipment

Car Electronics

Cycling Equipment

Diving & Snorkeling

Fishing Equipment

Fitness Equipments

GPS Smart Watches

Remote Control Quadcopter

Smart Watches

Sport Watches

TV Box / Streaming Media Players


Wireless Chargers

Wireless Earphones/

Tripod &