First Dropship Agent Starter Pack

You are one step closer to becoming one of the new-age online seller. Let's begin...

Activate Your Kumoten Account Now

Your registered to become a dropshipper and already excited to embark in the..

How to Copy/Paste Item

Whether it is Lelong or Mudah or Shopee, we've made it easy for you start....

Top Up Your Account with Online Banking   

Congratulations on your first sale! Now you just made your first sale on..

Top Up Your Account with Credit Card via Paypal

In this tutorial, we will be giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can use a Credit Card..

How to Buy Item

Congratulations on your first sale! So in this section, we teach you how to proceed..

How to use Discount Voucher

Choose a product that has this kind of discount vouchers...

What is MyStore?

MyStore is a bridging system for users to connect their Kumoten account to either their Lelong or 11street account...

How To Trace Your Order

Congratulation on placing your order! To keep an eye on the parcel’s status, we are providing step-by-step guide to trace your parcel..

More FAQ

From time to time, we would receive a lot of enquiries in regards to products, shipping and bulk orders. As a company..