How to buy from Kumoten?

Congratulations on your first sale! So in this section, we teach you how to proceed to purchase the item so that it can be sent to your customer.


Step 1: 

Select a product and go to the "Shopping Cart"

Step 2:

Please fill up your customer details as below. Check the information that needs to be confirmed and click the "Check Out Now"

*Example on how to fill up the address column. Please do not copy and paste the same address on 'Address 1' in 'Address 2'. Please follow the guide below.

Step 3:

Double check all the information, if everything is ready, click "Confirm Order" button.

*Please note. After which you can contact our customer service department via Facebook Messenger. Our operating hours are from 9.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday only. We are closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. 

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