Dropship Automation

Sync Products, Inventory and Orders with
Shopee Dropship Automation.

Now you can dropship thousands of product from Kumoten to Shopee. Shopee is the leading mobile e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. With more than 3 million user downloads in Malaysia alone, Shopee continues to be the leading Mobile Commerce you should start dropship into and win more sales.

How It Works

Easy Select & Sync

Step 1

Integrate Kumoten With Shopee

Step 2

Select Products

Step 3

Sync to Shopee!

Auto Order Fulfillment

Step 1

Buyer shop at your Shopee store

Step 2

Order info auto send to Kumoten

Step 3

You pay product cost price

Step 3

We deliver direct to buyer

Step 3

Shopee pays you the retail price

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Auto Order Fulfilment

When you receive order from Shopee, system will automatically fulfil the order. No need to copy and paste customer order details.

Systematic Tracking ID Management

Delivery tracking ID will be generated as soon as item is packed.

You Sell We Deliver

You can now focus on sales and marketing in Shopee while we handle all the product fulfilment matters.

Auto stock balance update every hour

Stock balance will be updated automatically so you don’t have to manually update them.

No minimum order requirement

You only pay dealer price even only for 1 unit.

Customer will not know item fulfilled by Kumoten

Kumoten’s name and contact details will not be shown in the parcel.

There are 2 types of accounts you can create in Kumoten. Each has its own benefits

Membership Plan







Key Benefit

Multi Channel Selling

Additional GoKupon

Digital Goods

Focus on marketplace selling

Competitive pricing

Membership Duration 6 months 6 months
Dropship on Shopee
HoneyComb Social Media Dropship
FREE Shopee Product Decoration Tool
Local Ready Stock
Access GoKupon Digital Goods
Shopee Shipping Method Non-Shopee Supported Logistics (Non-SSL) Shopee Supported Logistics

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