Becoming Kumoten's Dropshipper

Who is a Kumoten Dropshipper?

A Kumoten Dropshipper or Reseller is a person or company who select items from Kumoten catalogue and sells the items online. Dropshippers are NOT REQUIRED to buy the items in advance as stocks. Instead, dropshippers only need to copy and paste the product pictures and descriptions onto their own online store and start promote it. 

Where does Kumoten Dropshippers Sell ?

There are many ways Kumoten Dropshippers can promote products sourced from Kumoten. Here are some common avenues:

  1. Social media
  2. E-commerce or online shopping sites
  3. Your own blog
  4. Your own webstore ( You may open an e-commerce site with our partner Sitegiant . Sign up HERE )

What does a Dropshipper need to do?

After you have decided which item on Kumoten's catalogue to sell and have uploaded the product photos and descriptions on your online store, you need to start selling and get people to buy from you. When there is a purchase, simply log on to Kumoten and tell us which item(s), and where to deliver. We shall pack and deliver directly to your customers. 



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